Why Custom Software Development Isn’t The Future

Why Custom Software Development Isn’t The Future

If there were no apps, what would the smartphone be? Is it possible to use a computer without any kind of operating system? The world revolves around software applications. A computer windmill needs them as fuel, much as smartphones need them as air to spin. It is nearly impossible to utilize a phone for anything other than phone calls and text messaging without applications. There is nothing a human can accomplish with a computer, either. The app is what makes a smartphone “smart.” The laptop’s functioning is entirely dependent on third-party applications.

With billions of installations and millions of software apps, it is easy to predict a huge shift. Even though consumers may not notice, the developers behind the apps will see significant changes. The future of bespoke software development may not be custom at all, according to many in the industry.

Apps Explosion

Custom software development’s future can only be understood via gaining a deep knowledge of the market’s current status. According to recent figures, the Google Play Store has 2.57 million apps. The Apple App Store has 1.86 million, and the Windows Store has 669,500. Also, the Amazon Appstore has still another 490,000.

In addition, here are a few more important facts and figures:

In 2020, mobile applications are expected to bring in $189 billion in revenue.

A whopping 21% of today’s millennials use an app more than 50 times every day.

Most smartphone users launch an app 11 times or more each day.

Every month, the typical smartphone user downloads 30 applications.

In 2017, 178 billion apps were downloaded. Experts predict that 258 billion downloads per year will be made by 2022. There are several monetization techniques that app developers could use to generate cash (indirectly or directly) from their apps, even if free downloads still account for the bulk of all downloads.

Custom Software Development’s Future

Most custom software development in the future will not be custom in the traditional sense. As a result, developers won’t have to spend as much time writing specialized code. When it comes to computer programs and apps, a developer won’t have to spend a lot of time coding bespoke code. People have come to anticipate and enjoy these user-friendly features if we don’t have as much bespoke code. It is rather straightforward. Application Programming Interfaces are the deciding factor (APIs).

You may already know that APIs are a set of protocols, processes, and tools for creating apps. Web-based systems, operating systems, and software libraries are just a few of the many forms they come in. App developers often regard these criteria as a collection of specifications that specify what kind of mobile app may connect and exchange data with other computer software apps.

Today, APIs are everywhere. APIs allow apps to exchange data with one another and with the outside world. As time goes on, it will become more and more commonplace. In the end, APIs that fulfill different functions will be abundant in the software industry. People are the future of bespoke software creation shortly. A future where developers work together to swiftly iterate and create high-value software and services that can appear to be customized but are stitched together using several resources.

How Custom Software Development Business Owners May Profit

API-based custom software development is a huge move for businesses, especially smaller ones without the ability to design fully customized solutions. This latest era of custom software creation will level the playing field, whether for internal or external customers.

Now a small business does not have to pay a software developer for the creation of a unique piece of software. Instead of hiring a full-fledged developer to build a framework from scratch, they might instead engage a developer to source APIs to populate various functionalities. It is a breakthrough!

Greetings To The Fresh Era!

The development of computer software and applications is about to enter a new era. Consider it the decentralization of custom software creation. To generate personalized solutions in a fraction of the time, developers from across the world could now pick and choose from a variety of features that are available (and at a fraction of the cost). That is fantastic news for everyone involved: developers, entrepreneurs, and end consumers.

Henry Brooks